The Autostrada Ferroviaria Alpina (The Alpine Railway Highway) Project on the AITON {CHAMBERY) -ORBASSANO (TURIN) section was born in 2003 following a series of bilateral meetings between the governments of ltaly and France with the aim of finding safer transport solutions, especially for dangerous goods, and for the 44 T transit prohibited in the Frejus road tunnel.

The Alpine Railway Highway is a unique railway service. lt is a short-distance service capable of transporting semi­trailers across the Alps, with a high degree of efficiency. In fact, Modalhor wagons optimise the train length and capacity, allowing loading up to 4 m and guaranteeing the maximum productivity of the Loading and unloading phases carried out in parallel thanks to the rotating tanks. The railway solution is designed to maximise the safety and sustainability of transalpine transport.


AFA - Autostrada Ferroviaria Alpina
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Rom-Rail is a freight railway forwarder that provides a wide range of services related to the railway transport and consulting services related to transport solutions. It was founded in Romania in the year 1997, in order to develop freight rail transport between Romania and Italy also between Romania and the rest of Europe, especially in the Eastern Europe. In 2019, Mercitalia Rail srl becoming directly shareholder in Rom-Rail with 93% of the social quotes.

Rom-Rail is organizing since 1997 international transports through direct contracts with national railways from: Romania (CFR Marfa), Hungary (RCH), Austria (ÖBB), Serbia (ZS), Croatia (HZ) and Italy (Mercitalia) and since 2006 is organizing also domestic transports trough various private railway operators.  

Besides direct contract with the state railways, Rom-Rail has signed agreements with other forwarding partners with great experience in countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria,  Turkey, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia.

Rom-Rail organize railway transports providing modern owned or rented wagons for all kind of goods, both in domestic and international traffic. Through our partners, specialized as private railway operators, we aim to optimize rail freight hauling, an essential component of the integrated transport system in order to deliver the essential goods for the course of the global economy, in conditions of security, efficiency and competitivity.

With a volume of 750.000 transported tons of freight yearly, most in international traffic and an yearly turnover of about 12-14 mil. Euro, Rom-Rail ranks 1st in Romania on the top of the forwarding companies.

Rom-Rail is the strategic partner for the key industries like oil&gas, steel industry, construction and agriculture, the main transported cargo being petroleum products, steel products, ores, chemicals, grains and feed products, sugar, oils.



Head quarter: Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti nr. 113A, Sector 1, Bucuresti

Offices: Str. Pechea Nr. 10-12, Ap. 10, Sector 1, Bucuresti


Phone: +4 021.319.16.13

Fax no: +4 021.319.16.12