Extension for Ferrobonus and Marebonus incentives

Following the positive results of last year’s provisions for the entire railway system by the Ministry of Infrastructures that encourage freight transport on alternative routes to the road, the 2020 Italian Budget Law provides for the renewal of two initiatives for the next two years in favour of those who undertake more environmentally-friendly modes of freight transport than road, Ferrobonus and Marebonus.

The primary goal of Ferrobonus is to shift freight traffic from the road network to the railway network and is aimed at companies that use intermodal or transhipped rail transport services and combined transport operators (MTOs). The budget allocated for this incentive is 14 million for 2020 and 25 million for 2021.

Marebonus is the incentive to implement the use of the maritime route over land, for new maritime services for combined freight transport or to improve existing ones arriving and departing from Italian ports. The budget allocated for 2021 is 20 million Euro.

The renewal of these incentives is a concrete support to support the modal shift.