Conventional Business includes the areas of General Cargo, Iron&Steel, Chemical and Automotive.

The General Cargo area works for various sectors providing a complete range of tailor made rail-based  solutions, both to large companies with railway siding, as well as to small/medium companies, integrating the provision of transport with valueadded logistical services provided by companies from Mercitalia Group or through partnerships with Italian and European operators:

  • Consumer Goods: drinks, foodstuffs, electrical appliances, paper, goods on pallets;
  • Raw Materials: wood, cereals, cellulose, building materials and aggregates;
  • Infrastructure Works: prefabricated structures, excavated material, gravel, railway sleepers;
  • Military Transport: vehicles and personnel for Italian and foreign armed forces;
  • Exceptional Transport: oversized or overweight loads and rolling stock not able to circulate autonomously.

The Iron & Steel area works in the sector with rail solutions that feature flexibility and personalised services, both at an Italian and International level. These are integrated with warehousing, road transport and loading and unloading logistics services. By specialising in ferrous scrap, steel coils, semi-finished goods, long goods, tubes and railtracks, we can offer large transport capacities in terms of weight, volume and size, including oversize and exceptional loads.

The Chemical area is aimed at the base chemical industry, petrochemicals, fuels, recycling and waste products. The value it adds  lies in the special attention to safety, respect for applicable laws, and environmental protection thanks to specialist internal units and which is supported by on-going, specialist training.

The Automotive area works in the road vehicles and components sector, with a full range of rail and logistic solutions. It specialises in the transport of new cars, vehicles, lorries and tractors for Italian, international and overseas markets, and also the materials and components that supply car plants in Italy and abroad on a daily basis.

Quality and competence are an integral part of our service

In July 2020 Mercitalia Rail obtained the renewal of the international GMP+ Certification that it already possessed in 2017.

This important recognition is addressed to companies that produce, transport and market feed, attesting to the guarantee of the correct use of additives and the absence of unwanted substances.

The adoption of the GMP + certification system guarantees:

-        HACCP self-control;

-        control of traceability and product movement;

-        a documented management system, compliant with an international standard, recognized globally.



Head of Conventional
Stefano Mansani

Sales Manager of Automotive and Iron&Steel
Nadia D'Isanto

Sales Manager of General Cargo and Chemicals
Gianluca Buldrini