Respecting the Environment

The environmental advantages of trains compared to other means of transport are universally recognised.

Every day, rail transport keeps tens of thousands of cars and lorries off roads, guarantees safe transportation for passengers and goods, and contributes significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gasses and other harmful substances released into the air.

More Railway less Pollution

See some examples of lorry-train comparison for a shipment of 900 tons (average goods).

NOTE:  the reference to “Trenitalia-Divisione Cargo” is to be intended as referred to “Mercitalia Rail”.

Mercitalia Rail and EcoTransIT project

In the context of Ferrovia dello Stato Italiane Group policies for innovative transport with low environmental impact, Mercitalia Rail has contributed to starting up the EcoTransIT project, an internet service specifically designed to support companies in the development of transport strategies that are increasingly environmentaly sustainable.

EcoTransIT informs users of the rates of energy consumption and the emission of pollutants produced by the different forms of transport.
You just need to enter key information in the tool:
  • Point of origin and destination of the transport;
  • Type of transport (road, rail, sea, air and combined);
  • Weight and type of load carried.

The results, based on this information, can be clearly displayed, printed and used for comparisons with different transport options.